5 Reasons Steel Buildings Are Eco-Friendly

steel buildings

Steel has numerous benefits. Far more than meets the eye! When it comes to the structural foundation of a building, not only does steel make your building stronger and able to withstand the test of time but it also makes it eco-friendly. The same can’t be said for many other materials.

Whether you’re building a new school, medical office, government building, or church, there are key reasons to consider using steel as the foundation.

Steel offers the following environmental benefits:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

When a building is composed of steel, it creates thicker layers of insulation. As a result, your building won’t use as much heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. What does this sound like to you? A lower energy bill? Yup, that’s right. With the insulation from steel, you can expect to save a minimum of 30% on your building’s energy bill so long as you choose to keep the heater/AC at a reasonable level.

2. Built to Last

Every building requires repairs and maintenance. How often a component needs to be repaired will vary but ultimately the fewer repairs needed, the better. The reason? Energy! Since all forms of maintenance require energy, you want a building that requires the least amount of repairs possible. With a steel building, you’ll get just that. As an eco-friendly option, steel helps eliminate the need for renovations and repairs in comparison to other materials.    

3. It’s Recyclable

Perhaps one of the best and most interesting features of steel is that it’s recyclable. In addition to being fully recyclable, it’s also recycled time and time again without ever being downgraded. This means that if your building will be demolished or constructed into something else, the steel used can be used for another project or even for the same project. Steel is the only building material that doesn’t lose its value when it is recycled. Just another reason to love it more!

4. Reduce Emissions

With cleaner methods of extracting iron from ore liquid electrolyte solution, the emissions and water usage is considered more environmentally-friendly than in previous decades. This has given way to the increase in production and has brought to light how the issue with emissions can be an eco-friendly process.   

5. They Help Meet Green Building Codes

Everyone wants a return on their investment. With steel as your building’s main component, you’ll be guaranteed a return on your investment because a building with environmental resistance equals durability and sustainability. If you’re looking to meet green building standards, steel provides this because of its recyclable capabilities. Cold-formed steel specifically is recognized by the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).    

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As you can see, there are numerous benefits when it comes to using steel for your commercial building. At Steel Specialties, we’re committed to bringing these benefits to life. When you partner with us, we guarantee to provide you with all of the materials needed to meet your project’s deadline. Connect with us today to get started!