The Process of Metal Forming for Custom Building Specialty Projects

A machine forming metal for a custom building specialties project in El Paso.

Metal forming is one of the most important building specialties in the construction industry. Metal forming is the process of taking raw sheet metal and forming it to meet your needs. It’s a process that’s useful in a wide variety of industries, including building specialties in El Paso. There’s a specific process that must be followed when it comes to metal forming for custom building specialties projects, and we’ll explain how the process works in this article. 

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The Design Stage 

Before any cutting, bending, or folding can happen, you must first draw up comprehensive design plans for the sheet metal. This is arguably the most important step in metal forming, as it will determine how the metal turns out. 

“Blank” Cutting 

Once we have your design plans, we’ll “blank” cut pieces of sheet metal out of larger rolls. This makes the forming process much easier than working from a full sheet. 

Metal Punching 

Punching is the process of punching holes into a piece of sheet metal. It’s much easier to punch holes right off the bat than it is to make them after the metal is installed. Punching during the forming process will also ensure that all holes are symmetrical and perfectly spaced. 

Metal Bending 

Next up, we’ll use a special press break machine to make perfect bends in your sheet metal. 

Metal Assembly 

Depending on your needs, the metal forming process may require some assembly. Once again, assembly is easiest when it’s done before the installation of the various components. That way, when it gets to you, you can install the metal component for your building specialties in one piece. 

Applying Finishing 

If you’re using sheet metal in an area where it could be subject to rust and corrosion, you’ll need a special finish for protection. 

Going Through Quality Control 

Before we send metal components off for packaging and shipping, it goes through a stringent quality control check. During this phase, we’ll make any repairs or address any issues that are present. 

The Final Phase

If everything checks out, we’ll send your product out for packaging and shipping and send it to your job site. 

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