The Importance of Reinforcing Steel in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

Rows of reinforcing steel bars at an El Paso construction site.

If you’re involved in the residential or commercial construction industry in El Paso, you understand how important reinforcing steel is. Whether you’re pouring a concrete slab foundation, installing a concrete wall, or doing any other type of masonry work, reinforcing steel is essential. 

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What is Reinforcing Steel? 

Reinforced steel is long, narrow bars of steel, commonly referred to as rebar. These bars are designed with corrugated, jagged notches so that they can better grip whatever they’re reinforcing. 

The main use for reinforcing steel in El Paso in the construction industry is with poured concrete. Concrete is very strong, hard, and durable in itself, but it’s also brittle and stiff and not as strong as you think it is just by looking at it and feeling it. Therefore, reinforcing steel is needed to give it more tensile strength, flexibility, and structural support. 

How is Reinforcing Steel Used in Construction? 

As we said before, the main way that reinforced steel is used in construction is through concrete and masonry work, including the following: 

  • Concrete Foundations 


One of the most common uses of rebar is with poured concrete foundations. El Paso reinforcing steel allows the foundation to shift with the soil and withstand the weight of whatever you build on top of it for years to come. 

  • Concrete Pillars, Support Columns, and Beams 


Reinforcing steel is also used inside concrete pillars and support columns, such as those you see outside of government buildings or Souther-style homes. Rebar helps prevent chipping and deformation of these columns and pillars. 

  • Skyscrapers 


Any skyscraper that incorporates concrete into the construction in addition to steel will have rebar. 

  • Concrete Walls 


Poured concrete walls are common in residential and commercial basements. They’re also found in larger government buildings for added strength and durability. As with concrete foundations, concrete walls must have reinforcing steel

  • Bridges 


Concrete bridges and overpasses undergo a ton of wear and tear due to vehicles’ constant weight and pressure. Without reinforced steel, they would buckle and corrode under the pressure. 

The Importance of Using Reinforcing Steel Properly

Without reinforcing steel, none of these concrete structures would be possible. The concrete would crack or break over time due to the constant traction, stress, and tension being placed upon it. 

Reinforcing Steel in El Paso 

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