The Role of Steel in Building Specialties

A person’s hands forming a piece of steel for a building specialty in El Paso.

From wood, aluminum, rock, and brick, many important elements are used in modern construction. However, few of them are as important as steel and metal, particularly when it comes to building specialties

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What are Building Specialties? 

Building specialties in El Paso are required when you have a construction project that requires special touches and elements. They’re sort of like the “finishing touches” or “cherry on the top” of a construction project. Here are some of the most common building specialties that people need with their El Paso construction projects: 

  • Wrought iron gates and fences 
  • Flagpoles 
  • Bike racks 
  • Expansion joint covers 
  • Handrails 
  • Room signage 
  • Frames 
  • Grates 
  • Bathroom accessories 
  • Much more 

Building specialties can also include custom pieces that are only relevant to your business or needs. Contact us for a full list of building specialties that you need to be made of steel! 

Can Building Specialties Be Made of Steel? 

Broadly speaking, building specialties can be made of any material you desire, be it wood, concrete, metal, or steel. Each of these materials is malleable and flexible enough to be used for a  wide range of purposes and products. Additionally, each product has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of Using Steel For Building Specialties 

As we said before, each material has its own set of advantages when it comes to building specialties. Here are some of the advantages of using steel: 

  • Extremely durable 

The main advantage of using steel in El Paso building specialties is that it’s extremely durable. This is especially true when you use high-quality steel from a reliable steel distributor and fabricator. 

  • Lightweight 

In spite of how durable steel is, it’s surprisingly lightweight, especially in comparison to brick, rock, and certain types of wood. Therefore, you can use steel specialties in applications that require structural support, such as handrails and staircases. 

  • Affordable 

While steel certainly isn’t free, it’s more affordable than other products, even when you go with high-quality steel. 

  • Highly customizable 

Finally, steel is one of the most malleable and customizable materials in the construction industry. However, that’s only the case when you choose steel from a talented and experienced fabricator. 

Choose Custom Steel From an El Paso Steel Specialist

Whether you need a flagpole, signage, or other steel building specialties, Steel Specialties Inc. is the team for the job. We’re one of the top steel fabricators in El Paso and have a wide range of building specialty services. While we aren’t a contractor, our building specialties have been featured in homes, businesses, and schools throughout the area! Call (915) 590-2337 to learn more!