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The Importance of Reinforcing Steel in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re involved in the residential or commercial construction industry in El Paso, you understand how important reinforcing steel is. Whether you’re pouring a concrete slab foundation, installing a concrete wall, or doing any other type of masonry work, reinforcing steel is essential.  If you require reinforcing steel for your next project, Steel Specialties in […]

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The Ultimate Earthquake Survivors: Steel Frames and Structures

The phenomenon of having the earth shake still baffles scientists and seismologists even today. One of the planet’s most destructive events is not exactly predictable and are certainly not stoppable. And yet, over the centuries human beings have learned about the kinds of structures that better stand up to this activity. At Steel Specialities, we […]

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3 Interesting Facts About Steel You Probably Didn’t Know About

Steel made headlines this March when President Trump decided to impose hefty tariffs on the imports of steel and aluminum affecting the price of all imported steel by 25% and 10% on imported aluminum. This affects corporations and employees in different ways, depending on their seat at the table. Some are finding it difficult to […]

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